Springwater Farm

About Springwater Farm

The Springwater Farm Team

Mark Stevens, owner/consultant,  has been a South Florida resident for more than 50 years and a

horse owner for more than 40 years. He established Springwater Farm almost 25 years ago.

Mark is an international clinician and coach and enjoys helping people communicate with their horses

from beginners up to expert competitors.


Mark has spent his career being involved with all types and breeds of horses - from the little minis to the

giant draft horses. He's coached many breeds to World and National championships but admits that some

of his favorite horses were just that - horses.

He believes that people want the best care for their horses because every horse is a special to its owner. That's why every horse that boards at Springwater Farm is treated like a champion.

Tony Mocny , co-owner/manager, has worked hard to develop an unspoiled, comfortable, and safe environment for you and your horse. Tony has bred and raised World and European National Champion Quarter Horses and is looking forward to the promising career of his newest stallion - Identifiable.